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2023 - 2024


Our client is a German Retail Giant with over 11.000 stores in Europe and the US. We created an automated render pipeline which is a highly efficient process that takes your 3D garment or product samples and automatically creates stunning, photorealistic images without the need for manual intervention. We are utilizing 3D sample uploads from suppliers all around the world. Our advanced pipeline takes care of everything, from material assignment to light setup and camera angles.



We use AI for both design as well as in our software solutions. Our client, Prototype, asked for prompts to design digital fashion with the use of AI. The images to the right are fashion designs that our in-house team designed for the client to be showcased in Paris to one of the world’s biggest K-pop acts, Black Pink.



We developed a concept for a  footwear design solution for one of our clients. It is based on open source solutions, connecting a PLM system to the render pipeline. This has the potential to streamline their entire footwear design-to-production process.

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