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Real Time SIngle Use Fashion

Let's kill fast fashion -

not people!

Replacing overproduction with digital alternatives.

The sad truth is that the fast fashion industry continues to make too much profit, showing little ability to change for the better, constantly evading meaningful transformations, whether by shifting operations to new locations or launching deceptive greenwashing campaigns. From the polluted rivers of Asia to the equally polluted rivers of Ghana, it's a never-ending cycle of misery. All other fashion brands are forced into competition, dragged into a downwards spiral of lower price and lower quality. But there is reason to be hopeful. Consumer attitudes are shifting. Producing in low-wage countries will no longer be economically viable or socially acceptable. In the future, resources will become scarcer, and transportation costs will rise.

Change will be inevitable.

This upcoming shift presents an opportunity for smaller, agile labels to thrive. By quickly adapting their production methods and harnessing the latest digital innovations, these creative brands can lead the way. And if one brand dares to change, others will have to follow, including the fast fashion brands.


Together, we can create an industry that cherishes quality, respects the environment, and celebrates individuality by

harnessing digital innovations and driving new production methods.

Let's make a change now,

before it's too late for your brand - and our planet!

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