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About Us

"Only the minute and the futurity are interesting in fashion."

Karl Lagerfeld

We are an expert team of talented individuals who come from both

the film and the fashion industries.

With our extensive backgrounds in the visual effects movie industry,

digital transformation initiative at adidas,

and software development for the fashion sector

we have the expertise to help you make you ready for the digital future.

Our Story

Our mission is to leverage our extensive knowledge from the film industry to drive sustainability and eco-friendliness in the fashion industry. With expertise in automation, handling vast amounts of data, and managing complex projects,

we excel at accelerating communication and shortening timelines.

Within our team, members have gained valuable experience in various areas.

Some have specialized in working with speed factories at adidas, while others are well-versed in machine knitting, 3D printing, and shoe manufacturing through their involvement

with Ars Sutoria in Milan and visits to sample rooms and factories in Asia.


In short:
We understand both worlds, product and pixel.

Meet The Team

Freelance& Friends Credits

Jean Jaulhiac ·

Daniel Rath ·

Tobias Moenninger ·

Anna Lukasik


our extensive network of vfx professionals

around the globe

Our Clients


Our Team Previously Worked With

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